Where Industry and Nature Co-exits in Harmony

Ferro Alloys industry falls under the Red category, which means it’s highly polluting. In order to arrest the pollution, which is mainly air pollution we have set up the state of the art system to arrest the dust, but gases mainly C02 is released into the atmosphere. In order to balance out the effect of CO2 emission, we have done heavy plantation all around the plant. The plant is set up in an area of 3 acres and plantation has been done in an equal area of 3 acres.



Our connection with sustainability goes way back into the history of our organization. Being a homebuilt company, CSR and related activities have always been a part of our history- way before we became Castron Technologies Limited. Since then, sustainability has always been a core focus. We believe in achieving this vision by building, nurturing and caring for the communities that we function in.

Taking out a slice from our history, our present and our future, we believe that building sustainable communities for us begins with Education followed by Health and Safety. As stepping stones to larger and more widespread programs, below we have mentioned our key focus areas in Education, Health & Safety and also in environmental sector.

As an integral part of our commitment to Good Corporate Citizenship, we at
Castron Technologies Limited believe in actively assisting in the improvement of the quality of
life of the people in the communities. We shall continue to relentlessly strive in our endeavour of
nation-building, sustainable development, accelerated inclusive growth and
social equity.

While utilizing the CSR Activities Funds, more emphasis is laid on the projects for
providing Social Projects, Health & Medical Care and Education.

To attain its CSR objectives in an integrated & professional manner, the Company
• actively contributes to the socio-economic development of the community preferably in the State in which it operates;
• collaborate with communities and institutions to contribute to eradicate poverty and hunger, especially in rural areas;
• work for promotion of education of children;
• promote gender equality and empowering women.
• emphasize on providing basic nutrition/health care facilities with special focus on establishing health centres;
• ensure environmental sustainability by adopting best ecological practices and encouraging conservation/judicious use of natural
• at the time of national crisis respond to emergency situations & disasters by providing timely help to affected victims and their